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Heard some great comments about these guys! SO I went ahead with them and glad I did.Emma Bamforth

I used this company last year and they're absolutely fanstastic. Their service was great. no time.Valerie Cornell

We needed to relocate to Ely and couldn't sell our home. Big thanks to Charlie at FH. 5 stars.Elizabeth Stockhill

Fast and reliable service! We also got more £ than we expected to get. Stuart Cross

One week and it was sold. I can't believe it. The money was there in our bank.Rachael Rowe

Great company to work with! I was sceptical at first but proven wrong in the end.Nat Daniels

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Property buying company alternatives:

High street estate agents

Can take months, with several price drops along the way and getting stuck in a property chain. Then there are the legal fees and estate agents fees. Can be a slow house buying process. Buyers of the property could drop out at the last minute.

Online estate agent

Same as the High Street but you have to pay up front with no guarantees. Plus most will only market your property for 6 - 12 months! Tip: read the small print. Read more about the pros and cons of using an online estate agent here.

Property auction

Usually attended by landlords, investors, house buyers and property buying companies looking for a bargain. Plus you have to pay the auctioneer's fee and a % of the final sale price for a quick house sale.

Can be a really good alternative to selling through a property buying company

Classified ads

No expert help, no guaranteed sale, no idea who will turn up to view. You're on your own. Plus ask yourself, when did you last look on one of these sites to buy a property? Are property buyers making an offer and promising a fast house sale via this mechanism, genuine?


Again no expert help, no guarantees. But at least all your Facebook friends will see what you're up to. So no privacy also.


The UK's largest market to trade for goods like shoes, bikes, prams, etc. But not usually for property. So not the place to sell your home perhaps.

Prize draw

Now you are literally gambling with your house. Many have tried this route and few have succeeded. But it's fraught with danger and subject to gaming licensing laws.

How much can you save with us?

We GUARANTEE a better offer!

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Why sell fast?

Stop repossession.

Stop the repossession of your home by acting quickly and selling your house fast using our property buyers. Secure the equity in your property and get a fair offer and a quick sale in as little as a seven-day time-frame. No more court proceedings or bailiffs letters! Get a genuine cash offer and sell your house fast in days with a top property buying company! Read more.

Divorce or separation.

A relationship break-up is a difficult time. Avoid the stress and heartache of negotiating with a former partner, conducting endless viewings through estate agents for a home no longer wanted. Call the property buying company now, our customer service department is waiting for your call! Read more.

Relocation or emigration.

Do you need a quick sale of your home because you are relocating to another part of the country, or maybe even emigrating? Do you have a new job offer elsewhere you can't miss? You can't risk dealing with just any old buyers of property in your area. Sell your home fast with Flying Homes, a premier house buying company. Read more.

Troublesome tenants.

Caught out by bad tenants or are you a reluctant Landlord? Either way, you'll know the pain and heartache of dealing with bad tenants or hassle,managing properties. We can assist even if the property is still tenanted. Sell fast using our service and get a fair and genuine cash offer for your property. Complete the instant online quote form and get an offer that suits you in only 24 hours.Read more.


Need to sell your home because of impending retirement or already retired less money beginning to pinch? Negotiate the perils of selling conventionally in the property marketplace or sell quickly with Flying Homes house buyers, and enjoy your golden years! Apply now we want you to become a satisfied customer!Read more.

Inherited property.

Dealing with a deceased's estate is an emotional experience. Usually, the biggest asset will be the property. So ideally you'll want to sell it quickly to avoid the pain of constant reminder of a loved one. Call us today for an offer, we have many satisfied clients who have benefited with our property buyer service.Read more.


Bought a property needing more than just a little TLC, bitten off more than you can chew? Maybe you've had your property a while and it now needs some serious renovation work. Cut your losses and get a house sale in an instant with us. Read more.

Job loss.

Lost your job and are worried about getting another? This may be reason enough to sell your property fast. Don't fall behind with mortgage payments, selling and moving into a rented property is a viable option with our help. We are the premier home buying company in the UK.Read more.

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Who are Flying Homes?

Flying Homes is one of the UK’s leading trusted property buyers with over 7 years’ experience in the quick sale property market.

We buy any house no matter the location or its condition and by doing this we have helped countless people to sell their property, freeing up useful cash for them in times such as bereavement, divorce or retirement and unemployment.

Do you buy any house whatever the condition or location?

We'll buy any house and in any condition.

As with most quick UK property buying companies, we do not currently buy property outside the UK.

Read more.

How does your property buyers process work?

Phase 1: Information gathering. - We collect in-depth information about your property.

Phase 2: Offer process. - We make you a formal offer usually within seven days.

Phase 3: Completing the sale. - Accept our cash offer and solicitors are instructed to complete the sale.

Read more.

Why should I choose Flying Homes?

1. Fast and dedicated home buying service.

2. Honest and accurate valuation of your home.

3. No hidden fees or upfront costs.

4. No solicitors or legal fees.

5. Pull out of the sale at any time.

Can you sell your house for cash?

Strictly speaking it is possible to sell your house for cash but in practical terms, it is very unlikely because of money laundering regulations, and also, selling a house for cash would mean a very large bag of money and would not be very secure. The majority of solicitors would refuse to transact a property sale this way. Most customers asking this question would probably mean can they sell a house quickly without any delays, complications, property chains or third party companies.

What is a property buying agent?

A property buying agent is a person or company offering to source properties for investors/property buyers for a fee. This contrasts with estate agents who generally act for house sellers, although some will also act as agents for property buyers too. Many property buying agents will have exclusive access to properties or discounts, which help to offset any fees charged.

What is a cash buyer in property?

A cash buyer in property is someone who does not need to borrow money to buy a property. The perception is that a cash buyer can complete a purchase quicker than one that has to apply for a mortgage. 'Cash buyer' means they literally have the money 'in the bank' to cover the purchase price of the property plus any fees or costs incurred in the transaction. A cash buyer can also refer to someone who has a loan facility or line of credit from a bank or lending institution, to cover the cost of the property. Many quick sale companies have the latter, i.e., a facility or line of credit.

Is it better to buy a house with cash or mortgage?

There are pros and cons to buying a house with cash as opposed to a mortgage. Using cash means there are no interest payments to make and your property belongs to you. With a mortgage, you are subjected to interest fluctuations or perhaps tie in's with redemption charges and your property doesn't belong to you until the mortgage is paid off. Some borrowers deliberately keep a very small mortgage as the mortgage deeds are kept secure and looked after by the mortgage company.

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